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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Wi-Fi routers are compatible with Cricket?
    Cricket works with all standard Wi-Fi routers including 5G


  2. Does Cricket require any IoT HUB e.g. ZigBee or Z-Wave?
    No, it does not. This is one of the key strength of Cricket that it works with all standard wireless Wi-Fi routers.


  3. What is a distance range / network coverage of Cricket?
    The Cricket's Wi-Fi range is up to 100 meters.
    Sufficient enough to use either at home or in the garden.


  4. Is there any Cloud service cost?
    No, there is any!
    The Cloud & MQTT services are 
    FREE of charge for Crickets' owners.


  5. Can Cricket be configured with custom MQTT?
    Customisation of MQTT can be done server-to-server only.
    Cricket is optimised for low power. Low latency communication is essential for power saving. This is why Cricket requires a reliable and efficient central Cloud service to guarantee the quality.


  6. Does Cricket support a firmware update?
    Yes, it does. The firmware update is done entirely over-the-air.


  7. Does Cricket module support IFTTT?
    Yes, it does. Custom HTTP Post Events can be configured on Cricket module from within the Cloud service


  8. Do I need to program the device?
    No, you do not need! Configuring devices is done over Wi-Fi & the internet


  9. How long the device can run on a battery?
    It depends on a use case. Cricket can last many years on a single battery as it supports true 0A. The longevity should be measured by number of events sent to the internet.
    Cricket can send
    15000 events to the internet on 2x 
    AAA batteries on average.
    For example: a temperature sensor which reports data every 
    1 hour runs 625 days on a single AAA battery.


  10. Which batteries can power up Cricket?
    Practically almost any battery i.e.: 3LR12 (4.5-volt), D, C, AA, AAA, AAAA, A23 (12-volt), PP3 (9-volt) and LR44
    below 3.5V can be connected directly
    above 3.5V must be connected indirectly with a step-down DC-DC regulator


  11. Can Cricket be powered from a power adaptor?
    Yes, it can.


  12. What mobile app can be used?
    There is a huge ecosystem of mobile apps (both FREE and commercial) that users can choose.
    Cricket also supports HTTP Post Events which allow users to integrate their devices to services & apps such as IFTTT and the like.