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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It's been a lot happening at Things On Edge since we launched the first version of Cricket back in March 2020. Now we are half way through 2020 with the COVID in the midst and Cricket is gaining popularity among world class developers. Thank you all for buying and doing projects with Cricket!

It's been great to see honest and valuable feedback from independent developers. Thanks to you the product is continuously and rapidly evolving. Here are examples of how developers make use of Cricket and share their experience.

Believe it or not we ended up in PC Pro magazine recently. This is the UK's number one IT monthly, keeping readers up to speed on the latest technology developments since 1994. Paul Ockenden, technical director of CST group and editor of PC Pro, reviews the Cricket in the "The last thing anyone wants to do is run power and signal cables to the bottom of their garden" article. The article neatly nails down the problem statement which developers struggle today with while building the IOT solutions and how Cricket is helping them to overcome those.

Mike Diamond, Lawyer, author, ex-medical school director, medical education accreditation consultant, and enthusiastic self-taught maker.

Mike shows benefits and hurdles developers face with Cricket while solving his mail box notifications in his one of the latest blogs:

read the full review here ...

Andreas Spiess, youtuber reviewing small electronic projects, opens up the Lockdown Mailbag and provides a brief review on the Cricket hardware. If you are interested, you can watch the Cricket part at 18:50 time location.

There are more examples from Alan Barnett, who provided an example on how to integrate Cricket with Home Assistance. Martin R. who kindly shared how he is using Crickets for monitoring temperature and solar panels while integrating it with Raspberry Pi MQTT node-red/InfluxDB/Grafana server. And more ... However, the above provide diverse range of reviews helping other developers to choose.

The biggest motivation for us at Things On Edge is that we help developers realise their IOT projects for professional device manufacturer OEM/ODM, hobbyists or beginners taking the first steps in IOT world. Cricket seems to be great for most developers - that's what we hear from you!

Thank you for choosing Things On Edge!

About us

Things On Edge is a company based in Cambridge, UK. We design ultra-low battery powered Cricket ® Wi-Fi module to allow you to connect various electronic devices to smartphones or other internet services literally in minutes. It doesn't require any programming and coding. It allows you to integrate your devices to a huge IOT ecosystem services over MQTT and HTTP POST requests.

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