New IOT Cricket - WiFi module

After months of hard work and absolutely fantastic feedback and support from our customers, we are very happy to launch this NEW version of Cricket!

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New features and changes

  • Local configuration added (neither cloud nor internet is required)

  • Remote configuration made optional (

  • Dashboard with logs added to inspect devices locally

  • Captive portal added (mobile app is no longer needed)

  • IO3 enabled to support one extra Digital Input

  • HTTP protocol:

  • HTTPS (SSL) added POST / GET request types added Content type

  • OTA firmware updates

  • Improved documentation and added a quickstart (web link)

  • and many more improvements and bug fixes


Cricket also passed the following certifications: RoHS 3, CE, FCC

Made it compliant across worldwide markets. It is also an assurance for commercial device makers & OEMs that your devices can be certified too.


2020 presented a lot of challenges for all of us, however, Cricket found this year absolutely brilliant as it started gaining popularity among developers, solution providers, device vendors, developers, scientists, hobbyists, teachers & students.

We believe the journey for Cricket just begins!

Why don't you try out this new IOT Cricket now?

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Thank you for choosing Things On Edge!

About us

Things On Edge is a company based in Cambridge, UK. We design ultra-low battery powered Cricket ® Wi-Fi module to enable you to connect various electronic devices to smartphones or other internet services literally in minutes. It doesn't require any programming and coding. It allows you to integrate your devices to a huge IOT ecosystem services over MQTT and HTTP apis.

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