Wake up Cricket once - solved!

Updated: Apr 8

Please see the latest review of the Cricket from Michael Diamond and how he solves his main problem of receiving hundreds of messages from his mailbox notifier. He shares his experience playing with the latest version of Cricket and how it compares to previous ones.

Michael uses an extension PCB board, which is open-sourced by Things On Edge on GitHUB, to help to make more types of devices with Cricket.

The extension PCB board provides the following:

1) Wake up Cricket only once on continuous voltage applied on WAKE_UP pin (useful to send only one message when the doors / windows / switch / etc. are open)

2) Power Cricket on a single AAA / AA battery and utilise >95% of its energy capacity

3) Restart Cricket automatically after swapping batteries

There is a lot more to learn from Mike's blog, please check it out!


About us

Things On Edge is a company based in Cambridge, UK. They design easy to use, ultra-low power Cricket Wi-Fi modules. They enable makers at all skill levels to build battery powered WiFi devices and integrate them to a huge IOT ecosystems of software and internet services over MQTT and HTTP apis. All this without writing a single line of code and programming.

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