DIY: Wi-Fi button for HUE lights - IFTTT

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

It is great to see the IOT Cricket - Wi-Fi module applied in another yet device. This time Cricket is used in a battery powered Wi-Fi Smart Button, which controls HUE lights remotely over IFTTT and Websockets. It can be built effortlessly by developers at all skills level - doesn't require coding nor programming.

The Wi-Fi Smart button lasts 15k activation events on 2xAAA lithium batteries. If we assume 8x pushes/events a day then you don't need to worry about changing batteries for the next 5+ years. It makes that button the lowest-power smart button ever. Achieving such a low-power wouldn't be possible without the Cricket module which doesn't drain any current when not activate - true 0A.

Please checkout the "Remote Wi-Fi Button for HUE lights - built in less than 10min" blog with video posted on developer community.

About Cricket

The IOT Cricket - Wi-Fi module allows developers to build ultra-low power electronic devices and connect them to smartphones or other internet services. What's more you can do it without dedicated programmers and writing a single line of code.

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