Very easy to use, ultra-low power Wi-Fi module, which can run directly on batteries. It has been designed for developers at all skill levels from advanced to those who just start building IOT devices.

Cricket is a perfect choice if you want to build IOT nodes such as sensors, alarms, buttons, switches,  etc. to report data and events instantenously from remote locations. The ultra-low power feature will enable your devices to run on batteries for a very long time (for years in many use cases).



* Ultra-low power, deep sleeep 0.5uA, true 0A (i.e. in a button device)

* Operates directly on batteries 1.0V-3.5V (AA, AAA, AAAA, ...)

* Sends data and events with ~3 seconds latency

* Configurable Real-Time Clock (RTC) for regular wake ups

* Configurable MQTT brokers

* Configurable secure / non-secure HTTP POST/GET requests

* Configurable a battery monitor

* Configurable Analog or Digital inputs (for sensors)

* Built-in configurable temperature sensor

* Local configuration (directly on a Cricket over captive portal / WiFi hotspot)

* Remote configuration

* OTA firmware updates


With Cricket you can connect various sensors, alarms, buttons, switches and many other peripherals to Wi-Fi out of the box. You can send data and events either within local network or to the internet. Simply attach a battery and sensor(s) to Cricket and your device is ready to go.


Cricket comes with a native support of MQTT and HTTP POST / GET protocols that allow you to integrate your devices to a huge ecosystem of software and internet services such as e.g. IFTTT, Home Assistant, Node-RED,, Google Docs, Emails, Mobile Apps ...


Cricket works with all standard Wi-Fi routers and it doesn't require IOT hubs. No coding nor programming is required as it comes with a pre-installed software. You configure Cricket entirely over the air either from a smartphone or a laptop (without fiddling and troubleshooting toolchains). It can be done either locally (toe_device WiFi hotspot) or remotely from the HTTP micro-service (


Few examples of what you can build with Cricket:


Endless possibilities to build broad range of devices which report data in various forms to the internet / services / smartphones


IOT Cricket - Wi-Fi module


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