Ultra-low battery powered Wi-Fi module, which can last on a battery for years when utilising true 0A feature. You can build various IOT devices within minutes - with literally ZERO code & programing. It comes with a pre-installed software and full customisation of communication channels directly to your MQTT brokers, Webhook (HTTP POST request) services or use FREE cloud from Things On Edge.


You connect Cricket to the internet out of the box either from a smartphone or a laptop from any web browser. Manage devices remotely and integrate to a huge ecosystem of internet services i.e. IFTTT, Home Assistant, MQTT brokers, Mobile Apps, Google Docs, Email notifications, any service with REST api support.


Few examples of what you can build with Cricket:


Endless possibilities to build broad range of devices which report data in various forms to the internet / services / smartphones.


Please check out our Blogs with some real devices and full instructions included.

IOT Cricket - Wi-Fi module


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